Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Begins with 1000Markets Special Offer

Wow. I am amazed at how quickly the month of December flew. All orders made it to the post office and the holidays came and went.
As our lives get busier and busier, I realize that balance is extremely important. I spent a huge number of hours this past year on "designing" and "creating" and "finishing" and "updating" and "reconciling". All of these areas are extremely important to me because they help our little business to grow. What I want to remember is that many other areas of my life are vital to my well being - my family and my friends, to name a couple. I plan to focus a great deal on keeping those areas in good working order this year!
Naturally, new goodies will be sprinkled throughout my shop. I continue to love clean lines. The designs that I create represent what I reach for day after day. I tend to layer necklaces to create interest and "drama". If it is not a necklace kind of day, a wonderful ring and great earrings do the trick. Otherwise an armful of different bangles are the only embellishment to my "uniform" of black, cream, gray and chocolate....I am from New York, after all.... ;) My goal for this year is to create great basics with interest that are supremely versatile. I want women to have jewelry that they love to wear - and jewelry that they can splurge on without destroying their budgets.
I wish everyone a most wonderful, healthy and joyous new year.

As a welcome to new customers to my shop at 1000 Markets, I am offering a free pair of little silver drop earrings with each 1000Markets order through January 31st, 2008. Please mention this blog post during checkout and your free earrings will be included. Happy 2009!

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